December 19, 2006

Who says you can't play games

Ultimate Camp Resource -

Do you remember what's the secret to the game "Crossed/Uncrossed"? Is there really a right way to pass around two sticks in a circle? The explanations and solutions to hundreds of games are here in a comprehensive list on this website. Did you ever figure out "A What...?" or "Assassin"? Trick your friends into thinking. Or just play "Dead Fish" to see who can act like one the longest. Try these logic challenges at home, school, outdoors, wherever. And join the Liberty High School's National Honor Society and other local kids (ages 11 to 18) at Bealeton library's monthly Teen Game Night. Bring your own snacks, listen to music, dance, and play brain games of all sorts. Charades, Clue, Sorry!, Mastermind, pick-up sticks, checkers, chess, scrabble ... Bring your own games, friends, and ideas, too. No parents allowed!

Check out these books at the library:

Great Games to Play with Groups: A Leader's Guide by Frank W. Harris

“Mostly for 10 or more players...for indoor or outdoors, for action or not, plus several to be played until the others arrive.” Family fun if you have siblings or friends who may always be young at heart.

The Wrecking Yard of Games and Activities by Alanna Jones

Have you ever hear of games called "Beware Aware" or "The Bump Sneak" that help with anger management? Afraid of public speaking and want to develop your communication skills? Try "Blind Man Walk", "Tactile Telephone", or "Missing Words." "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Basketball" can help with self-esteem. Or if you just want to exercise without being bored to death on a stationary bike for hours, then try "Flying Saucer", "Spider Ball", "Dynamite Disk Golf", and "Pin Soccer." An odd, informative book.


Play It!: Over 400 Great Games for Groups by Wayne Rice and Mike Yaconelli

Find out what is "Human Football". "Pyramid Play-Offs" will be a balancing act. You'll need balloons and rolled up newspaper to play "Run the Gauntlet". And grrroowwwllll at friends to play "Gorilla-Man-Gun". A bizarre collection of games for small or large groups, indoors and outdoors, wild and calm. Ignore the faded cover and jump in.