June 28, 2007

Mehndi program teaser

time = 2:29
See mehndi body decoration in traditional ceremonies.
"Read in English or read in Hindi" = "रीड इन इंग्लिश ओर रीड इन हिंदी"

June 22, 2007

A Timberlake parrot?

Timberlake Cockatoo Dance!
time = 59 seconds
Has this bird watched music videos before? Her dance moves might just be better than the originals! After some preening she starts to dance and, yes, it's true, "she's got rhythm!"

Funny Parrot
time = 1:26
Think you can mimic animal sounds better than a parrot? Compare and be humbled. Mockery is always a good party trick to entertain friends. Or teach exaggerated noises when you babysit the kiddies. Remember to ask about the free Red Cross Babysitting classes
(registration required) through the library this summer!

Listen to cat calls or bird calls all day long through the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Their Macaulay Library has a searchable sound and video library catalog. Squawk!

When you visit the library you can always peruse photos of these beautiful and exotic birds in the book, Family: Parakeets, Budgerigars, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Llories, Macaws by W. de Grahl. Read The Wild parrots of Telegraph Hill: A Love Story ... with Wings by Mark Bittner or watch The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill on DVD.

June 19, 2007

Faster than free internet...

The Adventures of Super Librarian
time = 36 seconds

June 14, 2007


Drawing in a cup of coffee? Using a cup, coffee, cream, and sometimes chocolate syrup, watch liquid masterpieces appear.

The Art of Coffee
time = 3:04

Drive In Trailer (Hot Chocolate)
time = 21 seconds

Visit Bealeton Library's weekly Wednesday evening (7 p.m.) teen coffee house during the Summer Reading Program. Get lost in reading, poetry, movies, and refreshments with good company. All welcome, all the time. Feel free to visit the Warrenton Library for teen movies every Monday night (7 p.m.) during the summer, too.

If you are serious about coffee, try reading this e-book Coffee: A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References. This is written for the coffee scholar.

Or if you like a book to read while you sip hot chocolate in a cozy corner, try Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Teenage Soul: 101 True Stories of Angels, Miracles, and Healings by Arielle Ford

June 11, 2007

Pirate Poetry written at Teen Coffee House


Pirate poetry
Is fun!
A lot
Takes you
Everywhere on

Tongue Twister

Pirates play piano partly perfectly while playing groovy gigantic guitars great!


There once was a pirate named Pete
who loved to eat parrot meat.
But his parrot named Peggy
ate the pirate's leggy.
Now Pete limps along on the street.

The Ballad of Long John Silvers and the Quicksand Treasure

Our boat was on the ocean
floating up to an island.
Long John Silvers lost 3 fingers
to a shark.

"The shark had a big giant mark
that looked like a tree
and stung like a bee.
She led the boat to ruin
on an island they maroon'd."

He followed a trail
next thing you know
he walked into quicksand
and sank with a thump.

"A treasure chest below me feet
and now I stay and live and eat!
15 men on a dead man's chest
Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum!"

Spoonerism (in honor of Runny Babbit by Shel Silverstein)

Tirates Preasure

My name is chesure test.
My landels are my histening ears.
My lock is my nunny rose.
Open my louth mid and glee what sows!

Free Verse

Take a boat to summer reading...bring your books along!

Pirates sing in English and ...

You are a Pirate

Lazy Town - You're A Pirate (Multi-Language)
"Lazy Town's Song, You're A Pirate, in English, Latin American Spanish, & French!!"

June 2, 2007

Pirate books in the Library

Who says girls can't be pirates?!!

Piratica: Being a Daring Tale of a Singular Girl's Adventure Upon the High Seas
Presented most handsomely by the notorious Tanith Lee

"A bump on the head restores Art's memories of her mother and the exciting life they led, so the sixteen-year-old leaves Angels Academy for Young Maidens, seeks out the pirates who were her family before her mother's death, and leads them back to adventure on the high seas."

But, what about the guys?

Destined for danger, they can get roped into being pirates, too.

The Pirate's Son
Geraldine McCaughrean
"Left penniless in eighteenth century England, fourteen-year-old Nathan Gull and his mousy sister Maud accompany Tamo, the son of a notorious pirate, to his homeland of Madagascar where they are all changed by their encounter with Tamo's dangerous past."

Both books are nearly 300 pages, so you'll be lost in the adventure for days, weeks, or maybe even months. Consider taking these tomes for pleasure reading on a desert island!

More Pirates in high school

You're a Pirate - English Project