March 9, 2009

Teen Tech Month: Mixed Emoticons

Main Entry: emo·ti·con
Pronunciation: \i-ˈmō-ti-ˌkän\
Function: noun
Etymology: emotion + icon
Date: 1987
Definition: a group of keyboard characters (as :-)) that typically represents a facial expression or suggests an attitude or emotion and that is used especially in computerized communications (as e-mail)

From: Merriam Webster Online

How expressive are emoticons? I think most of us occasionally sprinkle them in emails and IMs. I find them quite handy when I need to clarify the meaning behind my words. ;)

Could you write a poem or tell an entire story with emoticons? Rives, a comedian, storyteller and slam poet, does just that. Watch.

Feeling inspired? Try writing your own emoticon poem in the comments section, below.

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Anonymous said...

*<):o)-- + }|{



}|{ --->