April 18, 2007

Are you crafty?

Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-Shirt
By Megan Nicolay
If the names of the chapters don’t get you, the urban photos and drawn directions will.
Chapter 1: tee off
Chapter 2: tee time
Chapter 3: par-tee on
Chapter 4: flir-tee girls
Chapter 5: skir-tee girls
Chapter 6: the t-zone
Chapter 7: t-wrecks
Chapter 8: the grande finale
Tear your t-shirt in half, rip off the sleeves, cut a scoop on the back,… stitch and lace or safety pin it, cut so many little holes it becomes mesh, braid straps, strip and weave the lengths into knots of leave three-tiered fringes like a flapper in the 1920’s, plus way too many more to list! Not for the faint of heart.

The Blue Jean Book: the Story Behind the Seams
By Tayna Lloyd Kyi
"People have been buying jeans since Levi Strauss made the first ones in California in 1873. And the love of denim has traveled from North America around the world." Have you read The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, yet? Can denim really fit everyone? Read about the inception, chemistry, production (borderless, seamless…), marketing (to soldiers, designer, branding, black-market…), and changes in blue jeans over 100+ years. "[T]he name ‘denim’ came from a French fabric woven of silk and wool. Because the fabric was made in Nimes, France, it was called ‘serge de Nimes.’ When stores in England began importing the cloth, its name was eventually shortened to "deNimes" or "denim." Read a lot more bizarre trivia about this wonder fabric in this book or other resources at the library.

Get Hooked: Simple Steps to Crochet Cool Stuff
By Kim Werker
"From how to hold your hook to how to finish off a piece, and all the stitches in between- this [book] will make a crocheter out of you. It’s time to dive in!" What’s a hook? What’s a hank? Go from the slip knot to the slip stitch to the treble crochet in a few easy steps. Plus the pictures are a cinch to understand. It’s not just grandma’s favorite pastime, college kids are doing it all across the world. Want to fall asleep on a "sushi roll pillow" or go out wearing your own "pleated miniskirt"?

Knit & Stitch for Beginners: 25 Fun and Easy Projects
By Wendy Freeman
Spiral bound and disguised as a book, this is a fun way to learn to knit. This book is for young adults, so, like spandex, some things are sadly missed out on by the rest of us. However, anyone can knit. Once you know how to purl the obligatory washcloth and scarf, try a "knobbly, bobbly belt" or a "zippy purse". Then learn basic sewing stitches, make a wild pom-pom, tassels, "wool daisies," felt flowers, and (you'll believe it when you see it) even knit a corsage for your next big date.

Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing
By Satoshi Kitamura
If you like Wallace and Gromit, Raymond Briggs, or manga you’ll like this odd children’s book. The drawing and inked voice bubbles match the quirky story. "When Georgina, Hubert, and Gogol – three sheep- have their fleecy coats stolen from the beach while they are swimming, they suspect some wily wolves have pulled the wool over their eyes." Elliott Baa, private detective to the rescue. Sheep and yarn-fanatics will be happy with the tangle that occurs in the end. Share this book with a little sibling or play catch with a yarn ball.