September 26, 2007

By poet Shikiori Morikami

The wind strokes the me who merely crawls the ground.
Feathers and leaves dancing in the wind whirl around me...
I raise my flightless wing to block the mocking sun.
I pluck a feather and throw it into the wind -
Only to have it fall, spinning to the ground.
I finger the key tied around my neck;
not knowing what it is that is locked.
Dreaming of the world to which my love disappeared...
Is the key to unlock the gate of which it spoke
the parallel universe under the same sun?
End the breath of sadness
End it with the sound of a lock falling -
Driving insane for the moonlit starry sky
with all the heavens above the ground that I walk;
Fearing both light and dark
Trying to hold my own against the raging memories of the past -
Torn apart glowing memories flying with the stars
I hear wolves howling in the far off distance but...
My mind tells me it's a hawk's call for its young.
Should I believe what my mind tells me?
Or maybe I'll follow my heart instead.