September 27, 2007

Teen Coffee House - Anime Art design

Thank you everyone who drew and cut and glued at Bealeton Library on Monday, September 24th!

The children's story time area will soon be transformed into Howl's Moving Castle. Calcifer will warm the entrance to the castle, clinging to a log in the fireplace. Turnip Head (a.k.a. Prince Scarecrow) will hop on the wall nearby. And Heen, the dog, will stalk beside his friends along the stones. Who knows who/what else will appear.

Teens from Culpeper, Bealeton, and Warrenton middle and high schools are creating these paper creatures. The ghostly forest spirits (from Princess Mononoke) stare at the transformed baby (from Spirited Away) above their heads. Calcifer grins as he burns through the carpet, just kidding.

Poor Turnip Head still needs a body (paper, not human)! Taylor and Cedar Lee Middle School artists will fix that in time for the Anime Party.

Sen and Haku crouch in perfect poise as a local teen artist begins to sketch.

Oil pastel blended over colored pencil creates another (of many to be drawn) forest spirit from Princess Mononoke.

The Anime Party will be held on October 22 at Bealeton Library.
Arrive in costume (Rated G) at 6 o'clock and stay until closing at 9 p.m.
Watch a special Anime presentation, taste Japanese delicacies, draw Manga, and more.