December 10, 2007

Aromatherapy Bath Salts

Generic Bath Salt Recipe

½ cup of coarse kosher salt or sea salt
½ cup of Epsom salt
1 quart-size, freezer-grade zip-lock plastic bag
Food coloring
Essential oils: chamomile, lavender, rosewood, sage

Pour the kosher/sea salt and Epsom salt in a bag. Add one drop of food coloring, zip the bag shut, and shake. Repeat until you are satisfied with the color (remember that the bath water will greatly dilute the color). Add one drop at a time; too many drops will melt the salt. Add several drops of your essential oil(s) to the bag. Zip the bag shut and shake. Repeat until you are satisfied with the scent (may take 5-10 drops).

Roll a simple paper funnel to pour the mixture into a bottle more easily.

Swirl different colors and cap with a cork.

Decorate a paper label or tie on a colorful bow. Now it's ready to use or give as a gift!

The above recipe is enough for two baths. Pour contents into hot running water. Swirl until the salts are completely dissolved. Enjoy! Use body lotion after your bath (while your skin is still damp). If you use bath salts too often, they can dry your skin.

Thanks for this great program and websites discovered by Jennifer Schultz (Kiddosphere composer)!

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