December 13, 2007

* Speedy Reader's Book Reviews

A mouse named Ragweed gets on a train headed to a city and meets another mouse named Clutch. Clutch runs into two cats named Silversides and Graybar. Silversides and Graybar wreck their club. But they find an old, abandoned bookstore to make their new club. Will Silversides and Graybar crash their new club? Find out in the book Ragweed by Avi
178 pages

Ragweed’s girlfriend is named Poppy. Poppy meets Ragweed at the edge of Dimwood forest. In Dimwood Forest there’s an owl named Mr. Ocax. Mr. Ocax watches everyone in Dimwood Forest. You would have to ask permission to go someplace or you will get eaten. Ragweed didn’t ask permission…for anything. So Mr. Ocax ate him right in front of Poppy. All that was left was the earring that Clutch gave him. See what happens as Poppy gets over Ragweed’s death. In the book Poppy by Avi.
147 pages

Sarah, Plain and Tall
A farmer sends a letter in the newspaper for a wife. A woman in Maine gets the ad, and wants to marry him. The woman is Sarah, Sarah, plain, and tall. Sarah moves to the farmer’s house and … you’ll have to find out in Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan.
58 pages


Sarah tells her story living with Caleb, Anna, and the farmer (Jacob). This is the second book of the Sarah, Plain and Tall series Patricia MacLachlan.
86 pages

Caleb’s Story
Anna helps out at the doctor’s and doesn’t have time for her journals so Caleb meets his grandfather and lots of other things happen. Read Caleb’s Story by Patricia MacLachlan.
116 pages

Ghost Girl: a Blue Ridge Mountain story

A girl meets President Herbert Hoover. She lives with her teacher and has a really good story. Read Ghost Girl by Deliah Ray.
216 pages

*Speedy Reader is a Fauquier County teen writer and reader*