February 23, 2007

Chinese New Year

Wish you could visit the Great Wall of China? You can. Walk over ancient stones. Look out of military spy towers. Gaze through windows overlooking thousands of miles of the Chinese landscape. Control what you see and where you go on this virtual tour of the Great Wall.

Happy Chinese New Year! The Year of the Pig or Boar is known as the year of Ding Hai in China. Chinese New Year is the second new moon after the winter solstice. February 18, 2007 started the first day this year. In the western hemisphere, we call this year 2007, but it is considered 4704 by the Chinese calendar.

Which Chinese Zodiac animal are you? Look for your birthday and then click on the picture of each animal to read character traits.

Test your knowledge of the 12 animals by taking a Chinese Zodiac Signs quiz. If your computer does not support Flash then take the HTML version of the quiz here.

American Born Chinese
Gene Luen Yang [YA 741.5 YAN]
This book is the
Michael L. Printz Award winner for 2007. Look on the golden cover of this new comic book/graphic novel into the bewildered eyes of a young boy gripping a Transformer toy. Jin Wang moves into a new neighborhood where he is one of only a few Asians. Negative perceptions flog him daily. He encounters ignorant bullies like Timmy who welcome him to his new school by publicly saying, "My momma says Chinese people eat dogs." Jin changes his name to Danny in a parallel with the great Chinese fable of the Monkey King. Neither wish to accept defeat. A third story within the book introduces an extremely stereotyped cousin visiting from China. The three tales intertwine.

Chinese Folktales
Howard Giskin [398.2 GIS]

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Read above your daily life. Greet the legends of love stories, ghosts and spirits, human nature and Chinese history. Swans, snakes, and dragons have come to America.