February 22, 2007

Red Hot (Chili) Peppers

Ever heard of Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers? That band's name is not new. In the 1920's in Chicago, Jelly Roll Morton formed the Red Hot Peppers! It was a rough life back then, too. "Like so many of the Hot Jazz musicians, the Depression was hard on Jelly Roll. Hot Jazz was out of style. The public preferred the smoother sounds of the big bands. He fell upon hard times after 1930 and even lost the diamond he had in his front tooth, but ended up playing piano in a dive bar in Washington D.C." Read more from Red Hot Jazz or check out Jazz: My Music, My People from the library.

Music-Map: The Tourist Map of Music
Like six degrees of separation, this site reveals relationships between people, in this case, which musical artists do other people like. Type the name of a musician you listen to into the easy search box. Now sit back and watch as dozens of other names swirl before you on the screen. Some are immediate neighbors and some skirt the edges, barely related at all. Each new name can be pursued by clicking on its hyperlink. A visual experience in honor of audio. New Neat Stuff's reviewer calls this website "an exploding map of musical relationships. "