February 27, 2007


Text from Nameless..:

"My train of thought just expired to a tired state which I no longer know. I sense the hole of my whole self getting smaller watching each step more carefully. A void can be avoided but not under circumstances of ones self doubt. As you trace the earth do you find yourself walking a vicious circle to a dead end? Can you comprehend a better way as you're lost to find a better day
The more you admit you are bound to an act of perversity the more cleansed you are not ...

Though is that of decadence more healthy and pure .. More innocent and natural. Who really wrote the rule book after all.. I didn't. Or maybe I did

Are you evolved or just uninvolved in what your instincts believe is what's necessary Is it me or has time gone faster in the presence of our last disaster When your heart hits the floor you drag the weight of it .. Not realizing it was you that made it fall. Why do you do that to yourself? Are you a glutton for this kind of foolishness? Yes..

Your life always deletes you.. It's a trivial matter at hand"