July 11, 2007

Death's Staring Eyes:

a personification of that which we all fear.

Written by a Bealeton teen

Yellow and gleaming
Slits that are seeming
to pry open my heart's
iron door.

Lo! It is open and the deathly soldiers
throw tokens,
of ill-fated omens
through my soul's writhing core.

Then the grief, it starts flowing,
like a foul wind that's blowing,
carrying a scent that is
murky as mud.

The unmoving stare,
that one constant glare,
shall always be there,
lest it miss my despair.

The ever staring eyes
both deep in my cries
and never leave me alone.
Death's staring eyes,
look away.

Death's staring eyes brought to this poem courtesy of Van Dyke's Taxidermy