May 28, 2007


The Jellyfish and the Clam from Jeff Moss’s Bone Poems

Said the clam to the pink jellyfish,
"You're no more than a lump of wet squish!"
You've no backbone or brain,
You're too dull to explain,
When they look at you, people go 'Ish!'"

Said the jellyfish back to the clam,
"I may look like thin raspberry jam,
But you're just a thick shell
And you don't even jell,
So I'm happy to be what I am!"

Well, I say let's give three big cheers
For these two and their lengthy careers.
Though they both may be dull,
With no spine and no skull,
Still they've lasted a half-billion years!

Superfund Jellyfish
time = 35 seconds
"A jellyfish thing I saw in the Willamette River at the McCormick/Baxter Superfund Site this fall. Also, my [the photographer's] dog."

Jelly Fish All Around
time = 56 seconds
"The jelly fish came to this lake in Palau through a tunnel which connected the sea and the lake a long time ago. Now the tunnel has closed, and the jelly fish came to have no poison in an environment where there's no predator. They live by photosynthesis because they cannot feed on anything in this lake. This lake is such a heaven to them that there are many of them living here."

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