May 25, 2007

Pirates in High School!

My English Project: A Pirates Story

"This is a video I made for my English project. The song is a poem called "Pirate Story" by Robert Louis Stevenson. I did my best with the singing...I had loads more footage but the song wasn't log enough; maybe I'll upload another one later with a different song to show off the other stuff I got. What was I thinking when I did this? A+ baby."

Pirate Poem

"It's kind've more like one of those story poems. It doesn't rhyme, yeah, but I prefer not to be restricted by rhyme. It's about how and why I became a pirate."

Critical note from librarian: The Fauquier County Public Library does not recommend imbibing in potent spirits, plundering, and pillaging until at least the legal age of 21, but preferably only in poetic, not real life. Of course, rescuing unclaimed treasure from the lonely depths of the sea is always acceptable. The library is happy to accept donations of doubloons, cursed Aztec gold, rubies, pearls, pieces of 8 and so on, to be used at our discretion.

Thank you for this interruption in regular blog broadcasting. "Carry on, Aarrrrr!"