May 21, 2007

Math Test -- Music Video?!

Anyone taking SOLs? Pick up an SOL study guide for your grade level at the library branch nearest to you. Science, reading, math... and speaking of math, check out this study break music video made by creative high school guys.

"The Rap Video" time=4:35
Winner of the Best Music Video for the Reel Teens Film Festival 2007

A Trio of High School Students rap about a math test.

Starring: Jason Clark, Tom Miller, Rob Rizzolo
Written By: Jason Clark
Filmed By: Josh George


Math Test!
Oh no dude, it's gunna be dope, and by dope i mean bad and by bad i mean
and my brain is so slow, cuz it's nine in the mo'
and the doctors say your brain is not awake til 10:30.
Yo players chill out this is stuff we should know, Mr. A showed us like 10 times befo'
you square the side of a, and you square the side of b, and you add them together like this you see
No but i see your face, and it's looking ugly.

Class here it is. Yo, I've gots the quiz. And i'll give you 40 minutes to finish this.
Yo this test is whack!
Dude its front and back!
and the chump in the front wont pass it back.
Yo! pass it back!
pass it back!
pass it or i'll drop you like a needle in a haystack.
yo that analogy was not up to par
you can rap with us or you can wait in the car.
But this test is hard, like a candy bar, that was left overnight in the ussr.

Yo listen up, this test, it's corrupt like when Mcgill knocks down banks in the mighty ducks.
So we got to ditch!
No dude, man we cant!
Yo check, Mr. A, it's an elephant!
An elephant? Yo sick cuz, thats crunk. I can find the parabola of the curve of his trunk!

Yo! Here is here, and there is there!
Let's see who travels swiftest from here to there!
Son, I'll count to three and we'll exhert our legs and the last one there is a rotten egg.
Yo, a rotten egg? Dude how can you say that the place in this race effects our DNA

Yo i came in first
Dude first is the worst
First is the worst
First is the worst.
Yo first is the worst. second is the best. Third is the one with the hairy chest.
No its the treasure chest!
No, dude, the hairy chest!
No its the treasure chest!
Yo Check, It's Miss Metz!

Ms. Metz!
Whats chill?
Nothing much, whats up?
Yo, I's heading to the fountain to fillup this cup.
Why would you fill up the cup when you got this bottle?
I'm gunna drink 'em both up like what?
full throttle!

So miss metz don't you get that this test is a stretch and pest and a mess and
Oh snap it's mr. Fletch.... er.

Why hello thurre,
you shouldn't be hurre,
you got a math turst,
well excuse murre,
look and that chair,
its a bannanur?

Yo Jigga snap, dudes, that one was close!
Hey remember casper the friendly ghost?
We gotta chill out dudes, we got to hide.
I think he was the spirit of a boy who died. says to hide in an old-school hair salon, or bathroom, or closet, or cave, or other.
I think he had a couple bad evil blooded brothers.
Yo, chill out about casper the friendly ghost.
We gotta eenie eenie meenie meenie miney miney mo, so eenie meenie left
and eenie meenie right
and eenie meenie miney always gets the answer right.

So into the closet is where we'll hide out.
but don't go packin' we'll be back and rappin' soon.
No Doubt.