January 31, 2008

Groundhogs and Woodchucks!

February 2nd is almost here!

Visit Groundhog.org to learn more about the famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, who predicts the seasons. Read more about the "Shadowy Tradition of Groundhog Day." Look for the links on the lower right for live webstreaming of the groundhog's home.

Read the
Wonders of Woodchucks by Sigmund Lavine. This book "describes the evolution, physical characteristics, and behavior of woodchucks and discusses their place in folklore, literature, and medical research. [It] looks at the legends and facts about the life of this hibernating animal, who is often a friend of hunters and conservationists, but an enemy to farmers." Protect your dear cows from walking a woodchuck-ridden field. They could easily step into a hole, puncture through to a tunnel below, and break a leg! See old cartoons, drawings, and photographs of this unique creature in the American limelight.

In case you have seen a woodchuck standing by the roadside, watch out! Here is an old study done on road kill from 1997. Find out more about the graph below and other projects from the Roadkill (Eeew!) education website.