January 30, 2008


Take a fast quiz on the Fruits and Veggies Matter! web site sponsored by the government. The website is available in Spanish here, too. How old you are and how much you move around during the day determines the amount of delicious fruits and vegetables you will want to ingest.

I'm a Vegetarian: Amazing Facts and Ideas for Healthy Vegetarians
by Ellen Schwartz

112 pages
So, you've decided to be a vegetarian...now what? In 2002, when this book was first published, 13 million North Americans were vegetarians. Back then, the writers projected 1 million more would join the veggie lovers each year! You can calculate how many vegetarians there are today in 2008. Read about food consumption and the effects on our environment, which diseases you can stave off, and even learn about religious injunctions to avoid meat. See a list of vegetarian entertainers, scientists, philosophers, political leaders, writers, artists, and athletes.

Other sections of the book include "Convincing parents...and other sticky situations," "Food, glorious food" (a brief historical timeline of vegetarianism), "Be smart, stay healthy" (guidelines to healthy eating), "Being a vegetarian - it's easier than you think" (nutrition), and recipes to plan extensive menus. Don't forget to check the websites at the back for more information.

The Teen's Vegetarian Cookbook
by Judy Krizmanic
186 pages
"Recipes for all types of vegetarian dishes are accompanied by information and advice on vegetarian diet and quotes from teenage vegetarians." The green ink on natural colored paper supports the natural focus in this book. This is so easy to read it's nearly a crime to non-vegetable consumption. Who will let the meat run free after using these clear tips for transforming your eating habits? It is not written to pressure you to change, but you will be able to examine this alternative lifestyle with open eyes. The charts structured with "You gotta have", "If you don't like", "Try", and "Then try" explain vitamins and mineral necessities. Desserts and tips on how to eat in college conclude the book.

The Vegetarian Teen
by Charles A. Salter

112 pages
"Describes the benefits of vegetarianism, discusses proper nutrition, and includes a variety of recipes for main and side dishes, and snacks." This is a fast read with large print and a good introduction to the ideas that are expanded upon in the books noted above. There is a humorous spin to the writing. The question that opens the book, "What do you think of when you hear the word vegetarian?" is answered with, "Some hermit in India sitting on the floor in his loin cloth, with his scrawny legs curled up like a pretzel? A group of hippies living in a backwoods community?" The author tries to present a well-rounded view of vegetarianism without sticking to stereotypes or overwhelming the reader.

Truth or Dairy
by Catherine Clark
"When her boyfriend suddenly dumps her because he is going away to college, high school senior Courtney Von Dragen Smith is determined to stay single for her final year in order to concentrate on school, friends, and her cool job at the local vegetarian cafe, Truth or Dairy."

Wurst Case Scenario
by Catherine Clark
"Courtney, a vegetarian animal-rights activist, records in her diary the events of the beginning of her freshman year at a Wisconsin college, far away from Colorado and her boyfriend Grant, surrounded by cheese- and meat-lovers."

For a clever presentation of why eating dairy products is not a good idea, read Milk Sucks. If this isn't to your taste, try researching on the library databases! Read about The Health and Wellness Resource Center (and Alternative Health Module) for a great place to start investigating.