January 17, 2008

Snow Day!

Kenneth Libbrecht
Not much bigger than a butterfly, this book contains photographs of snowflakes with beauty equal to that winged bug. On these pages, the ice crystals are magnified to observe every pattern and glisten of light. Enjoy the accompanying "detailed captions containing the science behind [a snowflake's] beauty, and literary quotes relating to snow and nature."

Snowflakes in Photographs
W.A. Bentley

See some of the first photographs of snowflakes taken by Wilson Alwyn Bentley (1865-1931). Read about this obsessed cameraman and self-taught scientist who marveled at thousands of individual snowflakes in order to study their unique formations. If you'd like to share this information with a younger brother and sister, check out the picture book Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin.

Snowflakes for All Seasons
Cindy Higham

Do you like snow but rarely see it since you live in Virginia? Here is the perfect book to keep snowflakes falling throughout the calendar year. With a few scissor slices, you can create repetitive patterns graced by unusual characters around the circumference: pumpkins, cacti and coyotes, shamrocks, and more. Once you understand the design process, anything goes!