March 26, 2007

Baseball books

James Kelley

Like all of the DK Eyewitness Books, this photo-filled resource takes you through the history and nitty-gritty details of this particular topic, the grand old game of baseball. Did you know that the first baseballs were improved from "soft and mushy" to a "harder ball that traveled farther and lasted longer." It's all in the insides! Yarn is wound tightly around a rubber center, then covered by leather and stitched.
What do you know about the Major Leagues, uniforms, international games, or the World Series? Test your knowledge by taking the quiz in back. Check this book out to discover the answer to these unusual questions:

What is a can of corn?"

"Who were Big Poison and Little Poison, Dizzy and Daffy, and Tony C and Billy C?"

Mike Lupica

This author is strongly recommend by a local teen baseball player. Mike Lupica has written about baseball, basketball, football, and sports dreams. Here is one description: "Pitching prodigy Michael Arroyo is on the run from social services after being banned from playing Little League baseball because rival coaches doubt he is only twelve years old and he has no parents to offer them proof." Read the first chapter to see what you think.

Strike Two
Amy Goldman Koss

Girls play ball, too. "Haley's hope of spending the summer playing softball and hanging out with her cousin Gwen is ruined when her father and her uncle land on opposite sides of the local newspaper strike."

The Kid Who Only Hit Homers
Matt Christopher

Chapter 1 (teaser)

"The Hooper Redbirds were having their third practice session of the spring season and Sylvester Coddmeyer III, a right-hander, was batting.
Rick Wilson hurled in the first pitch. It looked good and Sylvester swung.
Swish! He missed it by six inches..."
Who is George Baruth?
Sylvester becomes a phenomenal baseball player one summer when a mysterious stranger resembling Babe Ruth befriends him."

(Check out this book to read more.)