March 9, 2007

Teen Tech Week - Interviews

Natural Museum of American History (Smithsonian) transcribed an interview with Microsoft guru Bill Gates. Everything you ever wanted to know about what has gone on inside his brain and probably more.
The art of computer game design by Chris Crawford is an introductory article to the development of computer games (written over a decade ago). What is a game, who plays, details and thorough serious information about the future of computer games. If your dream job is to design or play video games for a living, this is the article to read. For computer-users who may not have been born yet, read this follow up (recent) interview with Chris Crawford called Fifteen Years After Excaliber and The Art of Computer Game Design to see what has since developed.

Read a Game Invasion interview from November 2, 2004 with the computer game designers of Herculean Effort. Learn about writing scripts, inspirations from mythology, sketching, using 3-D art programs, and more. Their game downloads are a free service to the public (a bit like a library). Enjoy!