March 7, 2007

Teen Tech Week - Interactive webcomic

Argon Zark! "The first long form webcomic. Serving the finest in pixel based comics since 1995!" The perfect interactive webcomic for computer geeks. Beware to Internet elitists... the computer illiterate may learn some secrets about computer programming.

Unofficially rated G/PG. Puns, bad jokes, voice unrecognition, and computer viruses that look like monsters are as bad as it gets.

Start at the beginning: Chapter 1 "Into the bowels of the information organism or how can you be in 27,000 places at once when you're not anywhere at all?" As the comic progresses, be sure to watch for mouse-overs and flash events. Click to look behind the art and witness HTML construction scenes. There is always more than immediately appears. Some scenes take minutes to watch characters move from place to place on optical illusion backgrounds, so be sure the flash is finished flashing before clicking to the next page.

If you are visiting the library and want to read good old-fashioned paper book, check out author of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams. If you want to travel even further out of this world, browse the science fiction section nearby.